[Fundraising Tools] Watch Our Training Webinars

Watch our how-to webinars on everything related to our Fundraising Tools, including your CanadaHelps Profile, Customizable Donation Forms, Ticketed Events, and Peer to Peer Campaigns.

CanadaHelps Profile

A guide to help you make sure that donors can easily find your charity on CanadaHelps.org. And when they do, your profile and fundraising pages are compelling and on-brand.

Experience: Beginner
Duration: 17 minutes


  1. What is a CanadaHelps Profile?
  2. Editing your CanadaHelps Profile
  3. Media Library & Page Visuals
  4. Impact Page
  5. Discovery Settings Tab

Customizable Donation Forms

An overview of how to create a Customizable Donation Forms (CDF) that you can add directly to your website, providing the easiest way for donors to support you.

Experience: Beginner
Duration: 26 minutes


  1. What is a Customizable Donation Form?
  2. Types of Donation Forms
  3. Creating and Editing a Donation Form
  4. Embedding a Donation Form
  5. Linking to a Donation Form

Ticketed Events

From customizing ticket types for your next event to managing attendees, customizing a dynamic and brandable page.

This session guides you through all the steps you need to power your next gala, online speaker series, or merchandise sale.

Experience: Intermediate
Duration: 52 minutes


  1. What is a Ticketed Event?
  2. Creating and Editing a Ticketed Event
  3. Media Library & Page Visuals
  4. Ticket and Tax Receipts
  5. Managing a Ticketed Event
  6. Adding a Ticketed Event to your website

Peer to Peer Campaigns

Learn how to organize team-based, socially driven fundraising events where participants can utilize their networks to raise money on your behalf.

Experience: Intermediate
Duration: 45 minutes


  1. What is a Peer to Peer Campaign?
  2. Creating and Editing a Peer to Peer Campaign
  3. Campaign Details
  4. Participant Pages
  5. Media Gallery & Page Visuals
  6. Managing a Peer to Peer Campaign
  7. Adding a Peer to Peer Campaign to your website

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