Fund Names in Your Donation Reports

In your donation reports, you will be able to see which fund a donor selected when making their donation. 

If your Charity recently registered for a Charity Account on, then you may notice in your reports that all donations are designated to the General Fund. This is the default fund that is created for your Charity, and so your Charity can apply the proceeds to the area where your organization need’s it most.

Donors may also leave a message to your Charity with some more information as to where and how they would like their gift to be applied. You can view this message in your Charity’s donation summary, data download, or in your Charity’s disbursement reports.

Other Considerations for CH Funds:

  • If you delete a Fund, your donation reports will still show the deleted Fund name for any donations that were previously made to the deleted fund (i.e., will still show the deleted Fund name across all reports).
  • If you edit a Fund, your donation reports will show the updated Fund name, updating as far back as the fund’s original creation (i.e., will only show the Fund’s new name across all reports).

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