Who Issues the Charitable Tax Receipt For Ticketed Events?

For ticket purchases and donations made through your Ticketed Events page, CanadaHelps generates the tax receipt for your attendees. However, because it bears your charity logo and authorizing signature, and because you set the eligible amount for a tax receipt, your charity is legal issuer of tax receipts for ticketed events, and not CanadaHelps.

You must keep a copy of the event tax receipt for your books and records. Click to find out more about managing your event tax receipts.  As part of the service agreement, you are responsible for ensuring compliance with the Income Tax Act (Canada), all applicable laws, and Canada Revenue Agency guidance.


NOTE: For all other donations made to your charity (i.e., CanadaHelps.org, customizable donation forms, and Peer-to-Peer campaigns), the donation is made to CanadaHelps with a direction to disburse to your charity, making us the legal issuer of the tax receipt in the above cases (your charity is the beneficiary).

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