Is My Website Mobile-Optimized?

If you’d like to embed your donation form but are unsure whether your website is mobile-optimized, simply:

1. Visit your website, right-click your mouse over any page and select the last drop down option to ‘Inspect’ the page (alternatively, press CTRL + Shift + I on your keyboard).

Example website:


2. Your screen will split in two and show you an inspection panel on the right side. Click on the small mobile/tablet icon in the top left corner of this panel.

3. If your website adjusts (text, images etc.) to the width of a mobile phone, allowing you to scroll through instead of seeing a zoomed-out version of your site, then your site is mobile optimized and you can embed your donation form.

TIP: You can use the “Responsive’ drop-down option above to view your website as if accessed from different devices.



Is your site not mobile-optimized? No problem! Learn how to link your donation form instead.

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