Security and Embedding a Donation Form on Your Website

No matter how you share your donation form with donors, CanadaHelps protects your donors with the highest-level PCI-compliance, including ‘Transport Layer Security’ when using the donation form. From the perspective of your website visitors, an embedded donation form appears pasted into your charity’s website, but in fact continues to reside on

Important note:

If you’re embedding a CanadaHelps donation form on your website, we recommend that you do so on a secure page. Secure pages are display HTTPS in the URL field. Learn how to create a secure website.

If you embed your CanadaHelps donation form on a page on your website that is not secure, CanadaHelps will automatically include a lock icon on the top right-hand corner of the embedded donation form. If clicked on, it prompts a message confirming that the donation form itself is secure and displays the link to the custom donation form, should they wish to see the HTTPS URL.

In other words, even if you are embedding CanadaHelps donation form on a page on your website which is not secure, the CanadaHelp’s form itself is secure and complies with the highest level of PCI requirements.

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