How do I access the donor information for a cheque I received?

If you’ve received a cheque from us and want to find out who’s given to your charity, we’ll just want to make sure we’re sharing the donor’s personal information with an authorized member of your organization.

So, to get access to the donor information, you can sign up for a free Fundraising Account.

A Fundraising Account includes anytime access to donation reports, a ‘Donate’ button and donation form, and faster, weekly donation disbursements directly into your bank account.

Otherwise, you can claim your charity’s profile page and send us proof of charitable status. Proof of charitable status can be:

-CRA Statement of Account
-CRA Notice of Assessment
-Letters patent
-Incorporation papers
-Industry Canada filing paper
-Any other official documentation showing your legal number

Learn more about the difference between a Full Fundraising and a Charity Profile account.

If you have any more questions, give us a call at 877-755-1595 or email us at

Are you already signed up for a CanadaHelps account?

—>Learn how to view your donor information in your My Charity account.

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