Is the charitable tax receipt issued by CanadaHelps or by my charity?

Receipting for donations made through your Event and tickets sold through your Event page are handled differently from donations made to your charity through the direct donor site, your charity’s customized donation pages, and your charity’s Peer-to-Peer Social Fundraising campaigns. For these latter services, the donation is made to CanadaHelps with a direction to disburse to your charity. As a result, the tax receipt is from CanadaHelps with your charity listed as the beneficiary.

In contrast, with donations and ticket purchases made through your Events page, CanadaHelps will generate and send the receipt according to your directions, on your charity’s behalf and using your CanadaHelps serialized charitable tax receipt number for your charity. Although CanadaHelps is preparing and sending the tax receipt, it is a tax receipt issued by your charity and not CanadaHelps. You must keep a copy of the receipt for your books and records. You can manage receipts for your Event in the Tickets & Tax Receipts tab of your CanadaHelps Charity Admin account. You will be required to upload an image of the signature of a person from your charity authorized to sign charitable receipts. You will also be required to enter the eligible amount for a tax receipt and provide a description of any advantage the ticket purchaser received. As part of the service agreement, you are responsible for ensuring compliance with the Income Tax Act (Canada), all applicable laws and Canada Revenue Agency guidance.

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