Form Set Up – Thank You Email Message

Customize the donation experience even more by setting up a Custom Thank-You email message for those making a one-time or a monthly donation through your donation form.

This message will appear as the first paragraph in the email a donor receives with their tax receipt.

1. Write a custom thank-you message in English or French for any One-time and Monthly donations. 

TIP: Add a more personal touch by writing a slightly different messaging for your one-time donors and monthly donors!

2. Use the rich-text editing options to format your text, add hyperlinks and more.

NOTE: Want to thank any donors that did not give through this donation form?

—->Learn how to thank all other donors to your charity.

If you don’t have the time to form a custom thank-you message, you can always come back to edit this portion!

Meanwhile, a default thank-you message will be sent out to your donors. The message can be found pictured in the preview section below:

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