Donations Tab

Use the ‘Donations’ tab to view all donations made through the P2P campaign, to record offline donations, and to message all/individual donors.


1. Adding Offline Donations helps keep the totals raised for the campaign (and on individual pages) as accurate as possible, motivating your teams/participants to reach their goals and encouraging other donors to give.

NOTE: Offline donations are for display purposes only. CanadaHelps does not process payment/issue a tax receipt for any offline donations you add to your P2P campaign. 

a) On the ‘Donations’ tab, click on the ‘Add Offline Donation’ button.

b) Fill out the donor details, decide how you want the donation to be displayed, and assign it to a team/participant (if applicable).


2. You can also send an email message to all or select donors to thank them all at once.

a) On the ‘Donations’ tab, click on the ‘Send Message’ button.

b) Fill out the email message details and click ‘Send Message’.


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