Linking to Your Own ‘Donate Securities’ Button

You can also use your charity’s own ‘Donate Securities’ button to share the securities donation form (i.e. not embed it on your website).

1. Login to your account and click on the ‘Donation Forms’ tab.

2. Click on the ‘URL’ button beside your Securities form. This will copy the form’s URL to your clipboard. 


3. In your website’s back-end (i.e., where you login to make changes to your website), paste this URL into the hyperlink field for your ‘Donate Securities’ button.

TIP: If you don’t make changes to your website yourself, copy and paste this URL into an email to your web designer and ask them to make your existing ‘Donate’ button go to your donation form’s URL.

You can link to your Securities donation form if:

  • You have your own ‘Donate Securities/Support/Give/ etc.’ button on your website that’s branded to your website that you’d like to use (i.e., instead of using the CanadaHelps-branded ‘Donate Securities’ button).

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