How-To Embed Your P2P Campaign

We highly recommend Embedding your Peer-to-peer Campaign (i.e. pasting it directly into your webpage), because it means one less click for your donors– they can join or donate to the campaign  directly on your charity’s website!


1. Login to your Charity Account and click on the “P2P” tab.

2. Click on the ‘Embed’ button beside your P2P campaign. This will copy the campaign’s embed code to your clipboard.

3. Paste this code into the HTML file of your website (i.e., where you go to make changes to your site).

TIP: If you don’t make changes to your website yourself, copy and paste this code into an email to your web designer who will easily be able to embed the event for you.


TIP: Make sure your website is mobile-optimized (i.e., adjusts automatically to a mobile phone view) before you try to embed your P2P campaign.  Learn how to tell if your website is mobile-optimized.

Plus, learn how to embed on WordPress or Squarespace.

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