When does CanadaHelps refund a donor?

We only process refunds on an exceptional basis, such as in the case of an unintended duplicate donation, or a blatantly wrong donation amount inserted by the donor (e.g., $300 donated instead of $30). And, in every case, refunds must be approved by our Director, Securities and Customer Service in Charity and Donor Support (a C-Level Executive).

CanadaHelps will send an email to the charity, providing them at least a week’s notice. If the charity has any questions/concerns about the refund, we delay the debit until the questions are resolved.

When we have the green light, our Support Team processes the full refund through our system, which immediately refunds the donor’s card and automatically updates the charity’s account (debits to a charity’s bank account are processed weekly).

Afterwards, in your Donation Summary screen (i.e., under the Donation Reports tab), you will see a ”  ” icon beside the refunded donation. And, the refunded donation will still show as an entry in downloaded donation reports (will display a value of ‘TRUE’ under the ‘VOIDED TRANS’ column).

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