[Donor Management System] Viewing a Contact’s Activities

After adding one or multiple Activities to a Contact, you can easily view them.

1. Go to the Contacts Tab

2. Search for the Contact whose Activities you wish to view and select its Name

2. Once on the Contact’s Profile, navigate to the Activities section to see a list of all Activities for this Contact

3. On the next page, you’ll be able to View, Edit or Delete Activities based on their Type. The details of the Activities displayed on this page include:

  • Type: if the Activity is a Meeting, Email, Contribution, etc.
  • Subject: if the Activity has been given a subject by the User (i.e. “Coffee Meeting”) or details about the automatically recorded activity (e.g. “$20.00” as the amount of the Contribution).
  • Added By: which User of the DMS added the Activity.
  • With: the Contact who performed all Activities (in this case, the Contact of the Profile you are currently viewing).
  • Assigned: if the Activity has been assigned to another Contact or User within the DMS.
  • Date: the date the Activity took place or will take place in the case of Scheduled Activities.
  • Status: the Status given to the Activity when it is created.

4. Use the Filters at the top of the page to filter Activities by Type, Date or Status

5. If you wish to add a new Activity directly to the Contact you are currently viewing, select New Activity at the top of the page.

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