[Donor Management System] Understanding Search, List Rows & Actions

As you become familiar with the DMS, you’ll notice that most Menu Tabs have similar features and structure. We’ll go over the most common features of the DMS in this article.

  • The Contacts, Contributions, Campaigns and Opportunities Tabs all contain search bars enabling you to do a quick search on the content of these Tabs.

Search for Contacts or Contributions

  1. To search for a Contact in the Contacts or Contributions Tabs, enter the name or email address of a Contact in the search bar under the Main Menu.
  2. Press enter on your keyboard. This will return any Contact with that name or email address.
  • Quick Tip: Enhance your search results by searching by: “First Name”; “Last Name”; partial “First Name”; partial “Last Name”; or “Last Name, First Name”.
  • Due to the way the names are displayed with Last Name first, your search results will not return any Contacts if you search by “First Name Last Name”:
    • Example: Search “Doe, Jane” or “Doe” or “Jane” vs “Jane Doe”

Search for Campaigns or Opportunities

  • In the Campaigns Tab, use the search bar to search by Campaign Name.
  • In the Opportunities Tab, use the search bar to search by Opportunity Name


  • The default number of rows displayed on the Contacts, Contributions, Campaigns and Opportunities Tabs is set to 50.
  • To adjust the number of rows displayed in any of these Tabs, you may scroll to the bottom of the page on either of these Tabs and press the “up” or “down” arrows on the box that is labelled Rows.
  • To the right of the box labelled Rows, you will see the number of pages of rows, the total number of Contacts/Contributions/Campaigns or Opportunities in your DMS, as well as the ability to navigate to the next page list view.
  • To navigate to the next page of information, click the arrow pointing right on the far right side of the page. You can go back by clicking on the left arrow.


  • From the Contacts, Contributions, and Opportunities Tabs there are a variety of Actions that can be applied to one or many Contacts, Contributions or Opportunities.

Perform an Action

1. In any of these Tabs, to see the list of available Actions, select one or more Records (Contacts, Contributions & Opportunities):

  • (1) Specific Records on the page,
  • (2) Every listed Record on the page, or
  • (3) All Records in your DMS

2. Once you have selected one or many Records, proceed to the Actions box on the top left side of the page

3. You will see a dropdown list of actions to apply to the selected Contacts, Contributions or Opportunities.

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