[Donor Management System] Understanding Live Transactions

Aside from adding a single and multiple Offline Contributions, you can also process live transactions in the DMS by using CanadaHelps Payments.

What is CanadaHelps Payments?

CanadaHelps Payments is our own DMS Payment Processor that can process live credit card and EFT (direct deposit) transactions. You can also easily schedule automatic recurring payments of essentially any timeframe and custom instalment plans.

How can I start using CanadaHelps Payments?

CanadaHelps Payments is powered by iATS Payments. There is a simple and straightforward sign-up process in order to start using this additional feature in the DMS. To get started, please contact your Onboarding Specialist.

Offline vs Live vs CanadaHelps Contributions

What are Offline Contributions?

Offline Contributions (or just Contributions) are donations that you manually add in your DMS for your own records.

What are Live Transactions?

Live Transactions (CanadaHelps Payments) are donations in which you perform live transactions being processed via the DMS’s own payment processor.

What are CanadaHelps Contributions?

CanadaHelps Contributions are donations coming from your CanadaHelps.org account (Charity Profile, Custom Donation Forms, etc.) that automatically sync with your DMS.

Each CanadaHelps Contribution is automatically synced to your DMS Website daily at around 11 am EST.

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