[Donor Management System] Tracking Sent MailChimp Emails in the DMS

After syncing your DMS Groups with your desired MailChimp Audiences and/or MailChimp Groups, you can track the emails sent from MailChimp directly in the DMS.

While MailChimp doesn’t allow any API Integrations from automatically tracking emails sent through MailChimp, you are able to manually track this by adding Activities in bulk in the DMS:

1. Go to the Contacts Tab

2. Under Advanced Actions, select Manage Groups

2. Find your desired Synced DMS Group or Smart Group and select Contacts

3. Select All Records

4. Select the Actions menu and then Add activity

5. On the next page, under Activity Type, select MailChimp Mailing

6. As a best practice, fill out Subject and Details with the respective information from your Mailchimp email

7. When ready, select Save at the bottom to flag all Synced Contacts with this MailChimp Activity.

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