[Donor Management System] Tokens Overview & Available Tokens

What are Tokens?

Also known as Merge Tags, Tokens can be used to automatically include information from multiple Contacts in Email Message Templates.

This way, you can send one single email to all of your Contacts, and each Contact will receive the information that is tailored to them.


Dear {contact.first_name},

We want to thank you for your recent donation of {contribution.total_amount} on {contribution.receive_date}. With your generous support, we’re better able to achieve our important charitable mission.

With gratitude,


Where can I use Tokens?

You can use Tokens in the DMS when:

Tokens can be used on both the Email Subject and the Email Body (HTML and Text).

Note: Tokens are not available on the Email Subject when Thanking your Donor at this moment.

Available Tokens

Single Email + Thank You

Contact Tokens

Name Token
Contact ID {contact.id}
Contact Type {contact.contact_type}
Contact Subtype {contact.contact_sub_type}
Recognition Name {contact.nick_name}
First Name {contact.first_name}
Middle Name {contact.middle_name}
Last Name {contact.last_name}
Individual Prefix {contact.prefix_id}
Individual Suffix {contact.suffix_id}
Formal Title {contact.formal_title}
Job Title {contact.job_title}
Birth Date {contact.birth_date}
Household Name {contact.household_name}
Organisation Name {contact.organization_name}
Total Lifetime Contributions {contact.custom_14}
Amount of Last contribution {contact.custom_15}
Date of Last Contribution {contact.custom_16}
Date of First Contribution {contact.custom_17}
Largest Contribution {contact.custom_18}
Count of Contributions {contact.custom_19}

Contribution Tokens

Name Token
Contribution ID {contribution.contribution_id}
Date Received {contribution.receive_date}
Non-deductible Amount {contribution.non_deductible_amount}
Total Amount {contribution.total_amount}
Fee Amount {contribution.fee_amount}
Net Amount {contribution.net_amount}
Transaction ID {contribution.trxn_id}
Invoice Reference {contribution.invoice_id}
Receipt Date {contribution.receipt_date}
Thank-you Date {contribution.thankyou_date}
Contribution Source {contribution.source}
Cheque Number {contribution.check_number}
CanadaHelps Fund {contribution.custom_13}
Receipt Number {contribution.custom_36}
Contribution Note {contribution.custom_37}
Description of property {contribution.custom_45}
Appraised by {contribution.custom_46}
Address of Appraiser {contribution.custom_47}
Original cost {contribution.custom_48}

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