Sharing Your Donation Form on Social Media


Facebook doesn’t allow for a direct embedding of a Custom Donation Form on its platform. So, if the donation form is (ideally!) already on your website, simply post on your charity’s Facebook page a link to the page on your website where the donation form lives. That way, donors can give securely, and then continue browsing your charity’s site for other great content!


If you’re using Facebook instead of a website, then try using this free, secure website to create a new, shorter URL for your donation form, which you can then post on your charity’s Facebook page for donors to click on and open your donation form in a new tab.


For Twitter, simply Tweet the URL to the landing page on your website where your donation form lives. Or alternatively, tweet the URL of the donation form directly.


Posts on Instagram are only images/videos, and any URLs written in a post are not clickable. So, simply make sure that anytime you post on Instagram (either a regular post or a story) you clearly state in your post’s description “Link in bio”. Then, in your charity’s bio (the bit of text at the top of all Instagram accounts), make sure that you’ve included either a link to your website’s landing page where the donation form lives, or the link to the donation form directly.

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