[Donor Management System] Sending a Single Email to Contacts

After adding a Contact, you can easily send Single Emails to them.

Note: You can only send Single Emails to up to 50 Contacts at once. Consider using Bulk Emails when sending emails to more Contacts.

1. Go to the Contacts Tab

2. Search for a specific Contact or select either:

  • (1) The specific Contacts you wish to send Single Emails to,
  • (2) Every listed Contact on the page, or
  • (3) All Contacts in your DMS

3. Select the Actions menu at the upper-left side of the Contacts list

4. Either type “email” or scroll down the Actions menu and select Send Email

Note: You can also send Bulk Emails to multiple Contacts at once by selecting Send Bulk Email

5. On the next page, you will see the following information:

Main Fields:

  • From: which email address is used to send this Single Email. You can add new email addresses by going to Administer > Communications > From Email Addresses.
  • To: the selected Contacts that will receive this Single Email.
  • Add CC: add a Contact in the DMS to receive this Single Email as CC.
  • Add BCC: add a Contact in the DMS to receive this Single Email as BCC.
  • Use Template: select an already created Template or create a new one by selecting Save As New Template at the bottom of the page or by going to Administer > Communications > Message Templates.
  • Subject: the subject of this Single Email.
  • Tokens: also known as Merge Tags, Tokens can be used to automatically include information from a Contact in emails (e.g. “Dear {Contact First Name})
  • Campaign Group: legacy field not in use add the moment. Please ignore it.
  • Save As New Template: save the created contents of this Single Email as a new Template.

HTML Format:

  • Compose your email using this standard formatting tool that uses rich-text (e.g. bold, italics, etc.).

Plain-Text Format:

  • If you prefer, you can use this formatting tool that only uses simple-text.


  • You can upload up to 3 different files.
  • Each file must be less than 3mb in size.

Schedule Follow-up:

  • You can also create an Activity to be assigned to any DMS User when sending this Single Email.

6. Fill out all mandatory fields and compose your email

7. You can use an existing Template or save the contents of your newly composed email by selecting Save As New Template

8. After all the necessary information is added, select Send Email on either top or bottom of the page to send the Single Email to the selected Contacts.

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