[Donor Management System] Printing Mailing Labels

You can easily print Mailing Labels for one or more of your DMS Contacts.


  • You will be printing Labels associated with your Contacts’ mailing addresses.
  • The DMS will automatically remove the blank fields from these addresses (e.g. a blank Supplemental Address or Postal Code).
  • For members of the same Household, the system will only issue one Mailing Label.
  • The DMS will automatically exclude from your list any Contacts marked as Do Not Mail.
  • The Labels will be printed on a single PDF file.

Printing Mailing Labels

1. Go to the Contacts Tab

2. Search for a specific Contact or select either:

  • (1) The specific Contacts you wish to print Mailing Labels for,
  • (2) Every listed Contact on the page, or
  • (3) All Contacts in your search criteria

3. Select the Actions menu at the upper-left side of the Contacts list

4. Type “label” or scroll down the list and select the Mailing labels – print option

5. On the next page, you can determine a few parameters and which type of Label before proceeding with printing your Mailing Labels

  • Select Label: Select from a list of default Label Types. To add more Label Types, please contact your Onboarding Specialist.
  • Select Location: Select which type of Address you’d like to print for all of your selected Contacts (e.g. Home, Work, etc.).
  • Do not print labels for contacts with “Do Not Mail” privacy option checked: You can see and modify a Contact’s Communications Preferences.
  • Merge labels for contacts with the same address: If more than one Contact has the same address, the DMS will print only one Label for that address.
  • Merge labels for contacts belonging to the same household: Contacts from the same Household will have only one Label.

6. Once ready, select Make Mailing Labels at the top or bottom of the page to print your Mailing Labels!

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