[Donor Management System] Navigating the Home Tab & Dashlets

The Home Tab allows you to centralize a variety of data from your DMS in a single dashboard.


  • Every time you log in, you will be directed to the Home Tab of the DMS.
  • The Home Tab can be customized by each DMS User.


  • Dashlets are mini-reports or widgets that contain insights about your Contacts, Contributions, Activities & Opportunities.
  • You will be directed to select from the available Dashlets you wish to see when logging in to the DMS or you can add Custom Dashlets.

Configuring Your Dashlets

1. After logging in, you will see a few Standard Dashlets and Charts

  • New Email Replies: Your User’s latest inbound emails (whenever a Contact sends an email to your DMS From Email).
  • Latest Contributions: Your Top 10 Contributions listed in your DMS.
  • Activities: Your User’s latest scheduled Activities. This does not include Contributions or emails and letters

2. You will then see a list of additional Available Dashlets:

  • Top Contributors: Your Top 10 donors listed in your DMS.

3. Drag your desired Dashlet from the list into any space next to the other Dashlets on your dashboard

4. Once satisfied with the position of your Dashlets, your dashboard will be automatically saved.

Perform actions on Dashlets

The DMS allows you to manage all of your Dashlets with a variety of actions located on the top of each Dashlet.

  • a. See the corresponding Report for that Dashlet.
  • b. Expand the Dashlet to a pop-up. Useful if you’d like to see more than 10 records at once.
  • c. Refresh the data displayed on the Dashlet.
  • d. Retract the Dashlet for a more compact view in your dashboard.
  • e. Remove the Dashlet from your dashboard, sending it to your lit of Available Dashlets.

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