[Donor Management System] Navigating the Contribution Details

After adding a single or multiple Contributions, you can see all of their details for your reference.

Finding the Contribution Details

1. Go to the Contributions Tab and search for the Contribution you wish to view

2. Select the Contribution’s Amount to see its Details

3. You will then be directed to the Contribution Details page where you can see all the information from that Contribution.


  • From: Contact’s full name associated with the Contribution.
  • Fund: which Fund this Contribution was added to.
  • Total Amount: Net Amount + Fee Amount + Advantage Amount.
  • Net Amount: Total Amount – Fee Amount – Advantage Amount.
  • Advantage Amount
  • Description of advantage
  • Received: the date when the Contribution was made and/or added.
  • Received Into: where the monetary funds of the Contribution were deposited into (e.g. Bank Account, Payment Processor, etc.).
  • Status: the Status of the Contribution as Pending, Cancelled, Failed or Completed.
  • Method: the Payment method for this Contribution (e.g. Credit Card, Cash, etc.)
  • Source: the source associated with the Contribution when it was originally imported into the DMS (e.g. Historical Data Import).
  • Transaction ID: for Credit Card payments only.
  • Invoice Reference: for Credit Card payments only.
  • Campaign Group: the Campaign Group the Contribution is associated with.
  • Online Campaign: the Campaign the Contribution is associated with.


From this page, in addition to reviewing all information about the Contribution, you can also perform a few actions:

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