[Donor Management System] Navigating the Contacts Tab


  • By selecting Contacts in the Main Menu, you will be directed to the Contacts Tab.
  • The main screen of the Contacts Tab presents a list of every Contact record in your DMS with basic information about each Contact.
  • Contacts are sorted alphabetically by the last name of each Contact.
  • To access a Contact Profile, click on the name of the Contact.
  • You can also add a Contact from this Tab by selecting Add Contact in the top right corner.

Contacts List Columns

  • Name: Contact’s last, first names.
  • City: the city the Contact resides in.
  • Province: the province the Contact resides in.
  • Phone: Contact’s main phone number.
  • Date Created: the date the Contact was created.
  • Last Modified: the date the Contact record was last modified.


  • The default number of Rows displayed on the Contacts Tab is set to 50.
  • To adjust the number of Rows of Contacts displayed in the list view, scroll to the bottom of the page and press the “up” or “down” arrows on the box that is labelled Rows.
  • To the right of the box labelled Rows are the number of pages of rows, the total number of Contacts in your DMS, as well as the ability to navigate to the next page list view.
  • To navigate to the next page of Contacts, click the arrow pointing right on the far right side of the page. Click on the arrow pointing left to go back to the previous page.

Contact Types

  • There are three default types of Contacts in the DMS: (1) Individuals, (2) Households, and (3) Organizations.
  • To the left of the Contact Name, you’ll see 3 icons representing the different Contact Types.

  • If you hover your mouse cursor over one of these icons, you can see more details for the specific Contact.

  • To filter your list view by Contact Types, select All Contacts on the top right corner of the screen and select a Type of Contact from Individual, Household or Organization.

  • Within Contact Types, there is an option to further segment your Contacts with Contact Subtypes. Please contact your Onboarding Specialist about mapping new Contact Subtypes.


  • There are many Actions you can perform from the Contacts Tab to one or more Contacts.
  • The available Actions include adding Contacts to Groups, applying or removing Tags, sending emails, exporting Contacts and more.

Performing an Action

1. To perform an Action, select specific Contacts (by checking the boxes on the left) or select all listed Contacts on the page (top checkbox)

2. Once you have selected the Contact(s), press the Actions button on the top left corner of the page

3. When you select the Actions button, a dropdown menu of available Actions will become available. If there is a particular Action you wish to take, you can find it by scrolling the list or typing its name into the Action search bar.

Common Actions

  • Export Contacts: exports selected Contacts to a .csv format
  • Group – Create Smart Group: create a Smart Group based on your search criteria
  • Issue Annual Tax Receipts: issue an annual tax receipt via email and/or PDF format
  • Send Email: send a single email to one of your Contacts

Advanced Actions

  • In addition to the Actions listed above, the Contacts Tab has additional Advanced Actions.
  • To access these Advanced Actions, click on Advanced Actions next to All Contacts.

All Advanced Actions

  • Merge Duplicate Individuals: merge duplicated individuals from the selected Contacts.
  • Merge Duplicate Organizations: merge duplicated organizations from the selected Contacts.
  • Manage Groups: see and manage a list of all Groups & Smart Groups.

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