[Donor Management System] Navigating the Campaigns Tab


  • By selecting Campaigns in the Main Menu, you will be directed to the main screen of the Campaigns Tab.
  • The main screen of the Campaigns Tab presents a list of every fundraising Campaign you have undertaken online through CanadaHelps or have added directly in the DMS.
  • To access a Campaign record, click on its Name.
  • You can also add your own Campaigns from this Tab by selecting Add Campaign in the top right corner.

Campaigns List Columns

  • Name: the name of the Campaign.
  • Type: the Type of the Campaign (e.g. Donation Form, Events, Peer-to-Peer, etc.)
  • URL: icon redirecting you to the Campaign’s landing page
  • Campaign Group: group created in the DMS to help organize your Campaigns (e.g. Holiday Events)
  • Start Date: the date your Campaign is set to start.
  • End Date: the date your Campain is set to end.
  • Goal: The monetary goal of the Campaign.
  • Selected Period: The total raised in the selected period (applicable when filtered)
  • All-Time: The all-time revenue raised by the Campaign.


  • The default number of Rows displayed on the Campaigns Tab is set to 50.
  • To adjust the number of Rows of Campaigns displayed in the list view, scroll to the bottom of the page and press the “up” or “down” arrows on the box that is labelled Rows.
  • To the right of the box labelled Rows are the number of pages of rows, the total number of Campaigns in your DMS, as well as the ability to navigate to the next page list view.
  • To navigate to the next page of Campaigns, click the arrow pointing right on the far right side of the page. Click on the arrow pointing left to go back to the previous page.

Managing Campaigns

See Campaign Details

  • To view further information about a Campaign, click on its name.

See Campaign Contributions

  • To view all Contributions associated with a particular Campaign, click on its All-Time $ amount which will direct you to the list of Contributions associated with that Campaign.

Filtering Campaigns

Filter by Date

  • To filter all your Campaigns by Start Date and End Date, select the Date Period fields.

Filter by Campaign Type

  • To filter all your Campaigns by Type, select All Campaigns and then the desired Campaign Type

Active & Inactive Campaigns

  • Campaigns coming from CanadaHelps.org that are Inactive won’t be automatically marked as Inactive in the DMS.
  • Since you might still be receiving recurring donations from these Inactive CH.org Campaigns, the same Campaign in the DMS needs to be Active to receive those donations.
  • If you don’t have any other recurring donation for a CH.org Campaign, you can mark the DMS Campaign as Inactive.

Important: If you delete a campaign originally created in your CH.org account, it will not be deleted in your DMS. This action will be overridden the next time we sync your CanadaHelps data into your DMS.

Instead, you must modify this CanadaHelps-campaign in your DMS and mark it as Inactive.

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