[Donor Management System] Navigating a Contact Profile

Each Contact in your DMS has a unique Profile / record containing their contact details, giving history and Sections for you to store relevant information about them and their relationship to your organization.

To access the full Contact Profile of any Contact in the DMS, you can use the search bar in the Contacts Tab to search their name or email address and click on the name of the Contact.

Sections of a Contact Profile


  • The Summary contains useful details like their contact information, communication preferences and a summary of their giving history.
  • You can also Delete or Restore a Contact from this page.


  • View the record of all online and offline Contributions the Contact has made to your organization
  • Have access to the total amount the Contact has contributed to the organization, a list of all past gifts, and the ability to record a new Contribution
  • See a list of all the Contact’s Recurring Contributions via CanadaHelps Payment Processor.

Contributions tab:

  • CanadaHelps.org single Contributions
  • CanadaHelps.org recurring Contributions
  • Offline single Contributions
  • Offline recurring Contributions
  • DMS Payment Processor single Contributions

DMS Recurring Contributions tab:

  • DMS Payment Processor recurring Contributions


  • View details on each Opportunity the Contact is associated with
  • You can also add new Opportunities by selecting the Add Opportunity button.


  • See all Activities associated with the Contact such as performed Contributions, sent Emails, logged Calls and more
  • You can also add new Activities by selecting the New Activity button.


  • View details about the Relationships between the Contact and other Contacts in the DMS
  • You can also add new Relationships by selecting the Add Relationship button.

—> Learn More about Relationships


  • View the details of Groups and Smart Groups the Contact has been added to
  • You can also add the Contact to an existing Group by selecting the Add to a group button.


  • View all Notes associated with the Contact
  • Add a new Note by selecting the Add Note button
  • When you add a Note, you will assign a subject, a privacy setting (you can determine if these notes will be available to other users of the DMS or just yourself) as well as the Note text
  • You can also attach documents to the Note.


  • View a list of all the Tags in the DMS and those Tags that have been assigned to the Contact (identified by the checkmark next to the Tag)
  • From here you can add or remove tags from the Contact by clicking the checkboxes next to each Tag

Change Log

  • View every change performed by a DMS user that is associated with the Contact
  • Changes consist of every DMS action such as updating a record, adding information to the Contact, etc.
  • You can see which DMS user made the change and when.


Similar to the way you can perform Actions to Contacts from the Contacts Tab, you can also perform Actions within the Contact Profile.

1. To perform an Action, select the Actions button in the top right corner of the screen.

2. From here, a list of available Actions will appear

3. Select the Action that you wish to perform.

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