[Donor Management System] Issuing Non-Charitable Receipts

You can send Non-Charitable or Acknowledgement Receipts in the DMS by a combination of:

Before Issuing Non-Charitable Receipts

1. First, you will need to add a Single or Multiple Contributions

2. Then, exclude these Offline Contributions from Receipting (only one at a time at this moment)

Identifying Non-Charitable Contributions

After following the first few steps above, you can easily filter by Contributions that have been excluded from Receipting.

3. Go to the Contributions Tab

4. Select Advanced Search on the top right

5. Under SOURCE, select DMS Manual and any other Source that is not CanadaHelps (donations coming from CanadaHelps.org cannot be receipted in the DMS).

6. Then, scroll down until you find the Contributions Details section. Under EXCLUDE FROM TAX RECEIPTING, select Yes

7. Once you’re satisfied with your search criteria, select Search on either the top or bottom of the Advanced Search filters

8. You will then see a list of all Contributions that have been excluded from Receipting.

9. Next, you will use the DMS’ Thank-you Tool to send your Non-Charitable / Acknowledgement Receipt to your Contacts

Issuing Non-Charitable Receipts

After following the first steps and identifying your Non-Charitable Contributions, you can then issue single or multiple Non-Charitable Receipts at once.

9. Search for a specific Contribution or select either:

  • (1) The specific Contributions you wish to issue Non-Charity Receipts for,
  • (2) Every listed Contribution on the page, or
  • (3) All Contributions in your search criteria

10.Select the Actions menu at the upper-left side of the Contributions list

11. Scroll down the Actions menu and select Say Thanks – Print or Email

12. Next, you will be directed to the page where you thank your donors. On this page, you’ll be using dedicated Thank-you Templates to send your Non-Charitable Receipts and can see the following fields:

Thank-you Letter Options:

  • Update thank-you dates for these contributions: updates when the Contact was thanked for the associated Contribution as the date of when you make this Thank-you Letter.
  • Print and email options: select the way you want to thank your Contacts.

Email Options:

  • From Email Address: which email address is used to send this Thank-you Letter. You can also add new email addresses.
  • Use Template: select an already created Template or create a new one by selecting Save As New Template at the bottom of the page.
  • Email/Activity Subject: the subject of the email and the Activity associated with the Contacts after making the Thank-you Letter.

Page Format: Default PDF format:

  • Format the PDF dimensions for printing and/or download.

Document Body:

  • Compose your email using this standard formatting tool that uses rich-text (e.g. bold, italics, etc.).
  • Tokens: also known as Merge Tags, Tokens can be used to automatically include information from a Contact in emails (e.g. “Dear {Contact First Name})

Saving Options:

  • Save As New Template: save the created or updated contents of this Thank-You Letter as a new Template.
  • Document Type: choose the best document format for printing and/or download.

13. Under Use Template, select any of the following default templates:

  • Acknowledgement Receipt – Single transaction: Issues a Non-Charitable Receipt for the last received Contribution.
  • Acknowledgement Email – Yearly: Issues a combined summary Non-Charitable Receipt for a Contact’s last calendar year’s Contributions.

These templates contain all the necessary information to create Non-Charitable Receipts and use Tokens to merge specific information for each selected Contact.

14. Once selected, you will see what the Non-Charitable Receipt looks like (1) and will be able to change its Email/Activity Subject (2)

15. To change the Non-Charitable Receipt’s branding and formatting, follow the same steps on how to add & manage an Email or Letter Template. Once you modify the template, go back to the Thank-you Letter page and select it again.

Important: we strongly recommend keeping the same Tokens as the original Acknowledgement Receipt template.

16. Fill out all the other mandatory fields

17. If you modify the Acknowledgement Receipt template directly on the Thank-you Letter page, you can also save it as a new template by selecting Save As New Template

18. Select Update thank-you dates for these contributions at the top left of the page if you want to update the date the associated Contacts were Thanked.

19. After all the necessary information is added, select Make Thank-you Letters at the bottom of the page to print and/or send emails for your Acknowledgement Receipts to the associated Contacts.

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