[Donor Management System] Importing your Historic Funds & GL Accounts

This article covers how CanadaHelps imports your historic Funds & GL Accounts during your charity’s onboarding process.

You can also add Funds & GL Accounts yourself.

What are GL Accounts?

GL Accounts in the DMS are records used to arrange how the money stored in Funds are being transmitted to your General Ledger and Balance Sheet.

With the correctly mapped GL Accounts, you will then be able to properly manage them with your external accounting software and/or offline accounting practices.

—> Learn more: Campaigns vs Funds vs GL Accounts

What information is being imported in the DMS?

We only need:

  1. A simple list of Revenue Accounts from your Chart of Accounts and,
  2. The Funds associated with these Revenue Accounts.
  3. The Contributions associated with these Revenue Accounts.

These are the most common fields being imported in the DMS for GL Accounts & Funds:

  • Name (mandatory): e.g. General
  • GL Code (mandatory): e.g. 4200
  • Account Type: only if you are including non-Revenue Accounts.
  • Description
  • Funds Associated (mandatory): which of your Funds are associated with the included GL Accounts.
  • Contributions Associated (mandatory): which of your Contributions are associated with the included GL Accounts.

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