[Donor Management System] Importing your Historic Contributions

This article covers how CanadaHelps imports your historic Contributions during your charity’s onboarding process.

You can also add single and multiple offline Contributions yourself.

What are Contributions?

Contributions in the DMS are essentially the donations you receive from your Contacts.

What information is being imported in the DMS?

Since Contributions are associated with issuing tax receipts, there are a minimum amount of mandatory fields that will need to be imported in the DMS.

These are the most common fields being imported in the DMS for Contributions:

Basic Details:

  • External Identifier (mandatory): unique ID to match the Contribution to their specific Contact.
  • Date Received (mandatory)
  • Campaign (mandatory)
  • Fund (mandatory)

Monetary Details:

  • Payment Method (mandatory)
  • Currency (mandatory)
  • Total Amount (mandatory)
  • Non-Deductible / Advantage Amount
  • Net Amount
  • Cheque Number

External Information:

  • Transaction ID (if the Contribution was performed externally)
  • Was the Contribution receipted externally? (Yes or No)
  • Receipt Number (if the Contribution was receipted externally)

Dedication Information:

  • In Honour of
  • In Memory of


  • Notes

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