[Donor Management System] How to Issue Tax Receipts for Couples

If you want to recognize a couple on a Tax Receipt, you can:

  1. Add each person as Individual Contacts,
  2. Associate them with a Household Contact, and
  3. Issue the Tax Receipt for the Household.


Let’s say you are trying to issue a single Tax Receipt for the fictional couple Michael Scott and Holly Flax:

1. Add Michael and Holly each as Individual Contacts

2. Create Relationship links between Holly and Michael

  • If you want to refer to them as “partners”, you should add a “Partner of” Relationship link on both Holly and Michael‘s Profiles.
  • Or you can add a “Husband of” Relationship on Michael‘s Profile and “Wife of” Relationship on Holly‘s Profile.

3. Add a new Household Contact named “Holly Flax & Michael Scott Household” or similar. The Household name will show up on the Tax Receipt

  • Add a main Billing Address to the Household so you can issue Tax Receipts to it.

4. Create Relationships between Holly and Michael + the “Holly Flax & Michael Scott” Household

  • As an example, Holly Flax will be a “Household Member of” Holly Flax & Michael Scott Household.

5. Add your Contribution under the Household

6. Issue your Tax Receipt

  • Before emailing/printing the Receipt, it’s advisable to run it as a Preview so you can see exactly how it will be issued.

7. To send the Receipt via email, include the desired email address on the Household Contact Profile.


  • Creating Relationship links between Contacts is not necessarily mandatory, but we highly recommend doing it as a best practice to better segment and filter your Contacts’ information.
  • Who is the true donor of this gift?

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