[Donor Management System] Groups & Smart Groups vs Tags

The DMS has two major ways of categorizing, segmenting and analysing your Contacts: Groups & Smart Groups and Tags.

Since both Groups & Smart Groups and Tags are methods of categorisation, it can be difficult to determine which one is more appropriate in a given situation. Identifying the differences in their functionality will help you decide which to use.


Groups & Smart Groups

Groups & Smart Groups should be generally used for grouping and organising Contacts within one specific place where you would like to perform actions on these Contacts.


Tags should be generally used for descriptive categories and segmentation of Contacts.


Using Groups, Smart Groups & Tags separately

Karen Filippelli and Andy Bernard are both part of the Management Team, live in London, ON and are vegetarian.

You can then:

  1. Create a Group called “Management Team” and add all members of this team manually.
  2. Create a Smart Group with the Search Criteria “lives in London, ON” so everyone who lives there is added automatically.
  3. Tag them with a Tag called “Vegetarian” so you can easily filter them on future Advanced Searches and Reports.

Using Groups, Smart Groups & Tags together

Now you want a list of all members of the Management Team that live in London, ON and also happen to be vegetarian.

You can then perform an Advanced Search with the following:

  1. Contains the Group called “Management Team”,
  2. Contains the Tag called “Vegetarian”,
  3. And contains Contacts that live in London, ON.

Finally, Karen Filippelli and Andy Bernard will both show up in this new segmented Smart Group.

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