General Settings Tab

1. From your Donation Forms tab, scroll down and select ‘Edit’.

2. Click on the General Settings tab to reveal this section.

Fund Selection

Allow your donors to designate their donation to a specific fund and select which of these funds you’d like to have appear in a drop-down list on your donation form.

  • If you choose “No Preset Fund” and you only have one fund created in your account (i.e. General), there will be no fund drop-down list on your donation form.
  • If you choose “No Preset Fund” and you have multiple funds created in your account, donors will be able to choose from a drop-down list displaying either all these funds, or a list of those funds you select/reorder here.
  • If you choose a single fund, there will be no fund drop-down list on your donation form for donors to choose from, but you will know which fund your donation form is assigned to (you can view this in your donation reports and in the list of donation forms in your  ‘Donation Forms’ tab).


Progress Bar

Encourage giving by adding a Fundraising Progress bar that tracks donations made through your donation form.

TIP: Keep the total amount raised as accurate as possible by periodically adding any offline donations you’ve received in the “Offline Amount” field. CanadaHelps does not issue tax receipts for any amounts added in the Offline Amounts field.

Donation Type

Set your donation form to collect only One-Time donations, only Monthly donations, or both.

NOTE: Donors will always see a small hyperlink allowing them to make the other type of donation.



Redirect URL

Choose which webpage your donor will be redirected to once they complete their donation.

NOTE: The donation confirmation screen will count down from 10 and redirect donors to the URL inserted here.

Dedication Preference

Allow donors to make their donation in memory/in honour of someone (or remove this section entirely).

NOTE: When making a donation in memory/in honour of someone, a donor will always be able to choose to send a free ecard to a recipient of their choice.

TIP: Does your charity like to send a physical card on behalf of the donor? Toggle on a drop-down option for your donor to give you the recipient’s details.


—-> Learn about the Other Customizations tab

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