[Donor Management System] Exporting Contacts

Whether you wish to export all of of your Contacts, the results of a simple search or a set Group, you have the option of exporting your Contacts as a .csv (comma separated values) format.

Contacts may be exported for various purposes such as archiving, mailings, further analysis, etc.

Considerations before exporting

  • Consider if exporting is necessary at all for your current situation.
  • It is possible that what you are hoping to achieve with the export can be done from an Advanced Search or a Report.

First steps to export your Contacts

1. Go to the Contacts Tab

2. Search for a specific Contact or select either:

  • (1) The specific Contacts you wish to export,
  • (2) Every listed Contact on the page, or
  • (3) All Contacts in your search criteria

3. Select the Actions menu at the upper-left side of the Contact list

4. Either type “export” in the Actions search bar or scroll the list to find the Export Contacts option

5. Once selected, you will be brought to the Export Page which we’ll go in detail below.

Exporting Contacts Page

6. Before exporting your Contacts, you’ll have options to further segment your selection

Merge Options

Use one of the Merge Contact options when exporting records to reduce your mailing size by sending a single piece of mail to each address:

Merge All Contacts with the Same Address: combine any Contacts having the same address (street, city, postal code, country) into a single record.

  • If a Household record already exists in which multiple Individuals share the same address, the Household will be exported as the combined record.


  1. Julie D. and Fred Nick (Individual records) both have the same address as “34 Huron St”
  2. Julie D. and Fred Nick are part of the “D. & Nick” Household
  3. The export would list them as a single Contact named “D. & Nick”.
  • If no Household record exists, the records will be combined and the Addressee field will list the Contact names, comma-separated.


  1. Julie D. and Fred Nick (Individual records) both have the same address as “34 Huron St”
  2. Both Contacts are not part of a Household
  3. The export would list them as a single Contact, and the Addressee field would show “Julie D., Fred Nick”.

Merge Household Members into their Households: export the Household record for any Contacts sharing a Household address.

Postal Mailing Export

  • Selecting Exclude contacts with “do not mail” privacy, no street address, or who are deceased. will simply exclude Contacts who cannot or do not wish to be contacted.

– This relies on the Contact’s details being kept up to date and accurate.
Learn More about Data Hygiene & Best Practices

Additional Group for Export

  • Select an additional Group for exporting. Your previous export options parameters will also be applied to this additional Group.

Example: Exporting 11 contacts resulting from a search (Postal code starting in “T1T” & your smart group for all your “Toronto” contacts):

Ready to export your Contacts

7. Once all your options have been reviewed and selected, proceed by selecting the Export button at the bottom left of the screen.

8. The DMS will begin compiling a list of all your selected Contacts. This process usually takes a few seconds but may take up to a few minutes, so please do not refresh your page until the process is finished.

9. The resulting .csv can be opened with any recent version of Excel or Google Sheets.

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