[Donor Management System] Exporting Contributions

Whether you wish to export all of your Contributions, the results of a simple or Advanced Search, you have the option of exporting your Contributions in a .csv (comma separated values) format.

Contributions may be exported for various purposes such as archiving, further analysis, etc.

Considerations before exporting

  • Consider if exporting is necessary at all for your current situation. It is possible that what you are hoping to achieve with the export can be done from an Advanced Search or a Report.

How to export your Contributions

1. Go to the Contributions Tab

2. Search for a specific Contribution or select either:

  • (1) The specific Contributions you wish to export,
  • (2) Every listed Contribution on the page, or
  • (3) All Contributions in your search criteria

3. Select the Actions menu at the upper-left side of the Contributions list

4. Select the Export contributions option

6. You will be directed to a confirmation page where you can see the number of selected Contributions. Select Export when ready.

7. The DMS will begin compiling a list of all your selected Contributions. This process usually takes a few seconds but may take up to a few minutes, so please do not refresh your page until the process is finished.

8. The resulting .csv can be opened with any recent version of Excel or Google Sheets.

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