[Ticketed Events] What if My Event is Cancelled Due to COVID-19?

Everyone is doing their part to flatten the curve of CoVid-19 and we understand events have been and will continue to be postponed or cancelled. Below are some options to consider.

In the case of postponement:

Please contact us and we can move the event’s Sales Start Date and Event Date forward to a future date. If you’re not sure when the new event date will be, the default will be set as December 31, 2021. Once you confirm the actual date, you can then update it by editing the ‘Event Date’ in your charity account at anytime.

With the event being postponed, the funds will remain with you.

If you’re postponing the event but still want to offer the option of refunding tickets to your purchasers, we’re making an exception and will process event refunds. Simply reach out to your purchasers and forward all responses that request a refund to CanadaHelps.

In the case of cancellation:

You can ask your purchasers if they’re willing to convert their ticket purchase into a donation. If so, there are three ways of issuing the tax receipt:

  1. If you’ve set your event to Post Event Tax Receipting, simply make the entire amount of the ticket price eligible for charitable receipt, and issue the tax receipts.
  2. If you’ve set your event to Instant Tax Receipting, please contact us  with a list of all attendees wanting to convert, along with mailing address, and we will create a CanadaHelps manual tax receipt for the remaining amount of the ticket price.
  3. Using the Manage section of your event, use the ‘Add Offline Purchase’ functionality and enter an offline donation for the amount you want to issue a tax receipt for.

If you choose to refund all attendees, please forward all responses to us at info@canadahelps.org.

For more information on options for your scheduled fundraising event, please consult this article from our blog.

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