[Donor Management System] Sorting on select Reports

Sorting allows you to further organize your Reports.

What is Sorting?

Sorting lets you:

  • Sort specific Columns on your Report in ascending or descending order.



  • Place a specific Column on your Report as a header.



Which Reports can I use Sorting for?

Grouping & Sorting can only be used on:

Apply Sorting to Reports

1. Go to the Reports Tab

2. Select one of your Saved or New Reports that allow for Sorting

3. On the next page, select Sorting

4. Next, each line corresponds to a specific Column on the Report. You will see:

  • ANOTHER COLUMN: Add new Columns.
  • Column: change the available Columns to be sorted by.
  • Order: Order by Descending or Ascending.
  • Section Header / Group By: Groups the Report by the selected Column

Note: We recommend Grouping your Report by no more than 2 Columns or 1 Section Header.

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