[Donor Management System] Issuing Yearly Tax Receipts

After adding a single or multiple Contributions, you may want to issue a Single Yearly Tax Receipt to the Contact associated with those offline Contributions.

–> Learn how to modify the Default Tax Receipt Email

–> Learn how to modify the Default Tax Receipt PDF Message


  • Contacts with no address (1) and already receipted Contributions (2) are not eligible for Receipting. Before issuing these receipts, you have to update your Contact (1) and issue a duplicate Tax Receipt (2).
  • You cannot receipt Contributions coming from CanadaHelps.org (Contributions that have their Source as CanadaHelps).
    • CanadaHelps is the receipting party for all Online Contributions (not including ticketed events) coming from CanadaHelps.org.
  • The Archive Email address you’ve configured will always receive a copy of the tax receipt issued.
  • Only one annual tax receipt can be issued per donor, per year. If you record any other Contributions for a donor after issuing their annual receipt, those Contributions must be receipted one at a time.

Issuing a Yearly Tax Receipt

1. Go to the Contacts Tab

2. Select either:

  • (1) The specific Contacts you wish to issue a Yearly Tax Receipt for,
  • (2) Every listed Contact on the page, or
  • (3) All Contacts in your search criteria

3. After selecting your desired Contacts, select Actions, then Issue Annual Tax Receipts.

4. Select the year for which you want to issue an Annual Receipt.

5. If you want to see a preview of the Receipt before actually issuing it, Select Run in preview mode? (1) and then Issue Tax Receipt (2)

6. Once you’re ready to issue the Yearly Tax Receipt, select either:

  • Download to save the receipt as a PDF, or
  • Email and Download to save the receipt as a PDF (via your backend email for receipt communications) and email the Contacts with the attached PDF.

7. Select Issue Tax Receipt.

Note: This action cannot be reversed.

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