[Donor Management System] Historic Data Template

When organizing your historic data to be sent to us, you will need to centralize all of it in our Data Migration Template.

Where can I find the Data Migration Template?

You can download a copy of the Data Migration Template here as a .xlsx file.

.xlsx files can be opened with any spreadsheet software (e.g. Excel, Google Sheets, etc.).

Adding your data into the Template


The Template has four Tabs:

  • Legend: Explains the colours for each column on the other Tabs.
  • Contacts and Contributions: Use this Tab to centralize all of your data.
  • GL Accounts: Optional Tab only if you need to import GL Accounts.
  • Contacts Only: Only use this Tab for Contacts with no related Contributions.
  • Contributions Only: Only use this Tab for Contributions with no related Contacts.

Instructions & Examples

On each Tab, the second row gives you instructions related to each column.

All the additional rows are examples to guide you on how to add your data related to each column.

How to organize your data

Follow these instructions to organize your historic data files before sending it to us.

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