[Donor Management System] Adding Custom Dashlets

The DMS has Standard Dashlets that show up in your Home Tab.

This article will cover how you can build completely new Dashlets to suit your needs.

Adding a New Dashlets

You will be able to add a new Dashlet while adding a new Report.

1. Go to the Reports Tab

2. Select New Report

3. On the next page, you will see a list of Report Templates organized by Contribution, Contact, Mail and Opportunity

4. Select your desired Report Template section to expand all of the Report Templates within it

5. Select the name of the Report Template you want to build your New Report from

Note: By selecting Existing Report(s), you will see all the Reports that were created from that specific Report Template.

6. Next, you will be able to customize your New Dashlet with:

7. After customizing your New Dashlet, select View Results

8. Once satisfied with your New Dashlet, under Access, check Available for Dashboard?

9. After that, select Actions and then Save a Copy

9. Give your New Dashlet a Report Title and then select Continue

10. Your Custom Dashlet will be saved in your Home Tab

11. You will then need to configure your New Dashlet to make it available to your individual DMS User.

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