[Donor Management System] Adding Charts to Reports

Within the Reports Tab, you will be able to generate certain Custom Reports in Bar Chart and Pie Chart form.

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You can generate Charts for Summarized Reports only:

  • Contribution Summary Report
  • SYBUNT Report
  • Extended Contribution Summary Report
  • Mail Bounce Report
  • Mail Summary Report
  • Mail Opened Report
  • Mail Click-Through Report

Adding a Chart to a Report

  1. In the Reports Tab, select New Report

2. Select your desired Report Template section to expand all of the available Report Templates associated with the section.

3. Select the Report you wish to generate a Chart for.

4. Within your selected Report Template, you can modify Columns to change the type of information you will view in your Chart:

5. In addition, you can modify:

  • Filters (i.e. filter by This Fiscal Year):
  • and Sorting (i.e. sort by Ascending order):

6. Next, select Refresh Results and you will automatically be taken to the standard Tabular Chart, segmented by the Columns you have selected.

7. To view a Bar Chart or Pie Chart, select your desired Chart view from the drop-down menu and select View.

  • Summary information will be displayed beneath the Chart, including Total Amount, Total Contributions, and Average Contribution.

Note: This Chart has been filtered by Date Received: This Fiscal Year.

Note: This Chart has been filtered by Date Received: This Fiscal Year.

8. Now that you have generated your preferred Chart, you can perform a set of Actions, including:

  • Create Report
  • Save a Copy
  • Print Report
  • Export as .csv File

9. You will also be able to save this report to your Home Tab as a customized Dashlet.

–> Learn more: Adding Charts to the Home Tab as a Dashlet

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