Custom Email Messages Tab

Customize the donation experience even more by setting up a Custom Thank-You email message for those making a one-time or a monthly donation through your donation form.

This message will appear as the first paragraph in the email a donor receives with their tax receipt.

1. From your Donation Forms tab, scroll down and select ‘Edit’.

2. Click on the Custom Email Messages tab to reveal this section.

1. Write a thank-you message in English or French for any One-time and Monthly donations.

TIP: Add a more personal touch by writing a slightly different messaging for your one-time donors and for your monthly donors!


2. Use the rich-text editing options to format your text, add hyperlinks and more.

NOTE: Want to thank any donors that did not give through this donation form?

—->Learn how to thank all other donors to your charity.

—> Learn about the Brand Form tab.

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