[Donor Management System] Configuring your Tax Receipts Settings

To issue Tax Receipts through the DMS, you are required to enter your organization details to ensure the information required by the CRA is properly configured.

Important: Please read the following article carefully, as the below settings are fundamental to ensuring any Tax Receipts issued by your DMS are CRA-compliant. 

–> Learn how to modify the Default Tax Receipt PDF Message or how to modify the Default Tax Receipt Emails instead

1. To configure your Tax Receipts Settings, go to the Administer Tab

2. Under System Settings, select Receipt Settings

3. On the next page, you will then have to fill out all the necessary information:

Organization Details

The unique information about your organization. Please fill out all the required fields in this section.

Receipt Configuration

The visual elements of your Tax Receipts and how they will be recorded in your DMS. Please fill out the following fields.

  • Prefix: identify a prefix that will append to each Tax Receipt Number you issue through the DMS. This will help differentiate DMS issued Tax Receipt Numbers from CanadaHelps Tax Receipt Numbers. It currently defaults to “CRM”.
  • Organization Logo: attach your organization’s logo to your Tax Receipts.
  • Signature Image: attach an image of the signature of your Tax Receipt Signatory.

Email Message

How Tax Receipts will be delivered and stored. Please fill out all the required fields in this section.

  • Email From: the same DMS From Email address that needs to be customized.
  • Archive Email: the email address for your organization to which copies of each Tax Receipt will be emailed (for record-keeping purposes).

4. After all necessary fields are added, select the Submit button at the bottom left corner of the screen.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Configure-CDN-Tax-Receipts-CanadaHelps-2021-02-19-09-07-02-1-1024x539.png

Recommendation: After filling out and saving all fields, we recommend adding a fake offline Contribution in your DMS and issuing a Tax Receipt in preview mode for this Contribution so that you can check the graphics/layout of your Tax Receipts.

If necessary, you can come back to this form to upload any new version(s) of your graphics.

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