Other Customizations Tab

1. From your Donation Forms tab, scroll down and select ‘Edit’.

2. Click on the Other Customizations tab to reveal this section.

Take advantage of other customizations to:

  • Ask one optional question of your donors (choose between text answer, single choice, multiple choice, or  Yes/No format).

  • Allow/remove the ‘Message to Charity’ text box on your donation form.
  • Give donors the option to remain anonymous (donor must check off a box).
  • Allow CanadaHelps to ask for an optional, one-time donation to support our work.
  • Turn off tax-receipting for this specific donation form.
  • Ask your donors if they would like to receive email communications from your charity (so you can later add them to your emailing list).
  • Collect donor phone numbers.

—> Learn about the One-Time and Monthly Donation Amounts tab.

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