CanadaHelps Partner Giving Programs

CanadaHelps has special agreements in place with a variety of corporations to support their unique giving programs. Donations made through one of these programs are identified in your donation reports with the Donation Source CanadaHelps Partner Giving Program.

In some cases, our standard CanadaHelps fees will apply, while in other cases, the fee deducted may be lower or higher. 


  • No fee will apply if the partner has chosen to cover the CanadaHelps fee.
  • A lower fee will apply if CanadaHelps is able to pass along savings having received all program donations in one cheque eliminating credit card processing fees.
  • A higher fee will apply when a partner is providing service to promote charitable giving and they take a fee in addition to the CanadaHelps fee.
    • We only enter such relationships where the partner fee is a reasonable percent and we believe they are uniquely positioned to grow charitable giving.

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