Account Types

A CanadaHelps Charity Account is where your charity manages your relationship with CanadaHelps and your donors. It’s also where you use the services and technologies we offer. There are two types of Charity Accounts you can choose from:

A Profile Account gives you:

  • Access to your Charity’s Profile so you can update your page with text, photos, videos and more
  • The ability to set up specific funds so donors can contribute to a specific cause or aspect of your work
  • The ability to set up campaigns which are searchable on
  • Access to information about the donors who donate to your organization through our site
  • Disbursement via cheque (once a month) or weekly Electronic Funds Transfers your bank account

A Full Fundraising Account gives you all the features included in a Profile Account, plus:

  • Customizable Donation Forms that can be branded to match your website, for all types of appeals
  • Ticketed Events platform for selling tickets online to any event
  • Peer-to-Peer Social Fundraising platforms so you can easily run third-party fundraisers
  • ‘Donate Now’, ‘Donate Securities’ and ‘Fundraise Now’ buttons for your own website
  • Weekly Electronic Funds Transfers straight to your bank account

Signing up for a charity account is completely free, with no membership fees or monthly charges. We only collect fees on donations in order to keep CanadaHelps running.

Learn more about our fees.

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