[Donor Management System] Adding, Modifying & Deleting a Smart Group

This article covers adding and modifying Smart Groups. You can also add and modify Groups.

Adding a Smart Group

Scenario: organise all Contacts that have donated over $100 in the last calendar year.

1. Go to the Contacts Tab

2. On the top right corner of the screen, select Advanced Search to expand the search filters

3. Scroll down and select the Contributions subsection

4. Select the following:

  • Date Received: either search for “calendar year” or scroll the list to find the Previous calendar year option.
  • Contribution Amounts: to filter for amounts up to $100, add “100” only on the From field.

5. After making these selections, select Search on either top or bottom of the Search Criteria panel

6. You will see the results of your Advanced Search criteria next and can edit it by selecting Edit Search Criteria at the top

7. Select either:

  • (1) The specific Contacts you wish to add to the Smart Group,
  • (2) Every listed Contact on the page, or
  • (3) All Contacts from your search criteria

8. Select the Actions menu at the upper-left side of the Contact list

9. Either type “smart group” in the Actions search bar or scroll the list to find the Group – create smart group option

10. You will be directed to the Smart Group creation page with the following fields and information:

  • Group Title: the name of the Group.
  • Group Description: optional description of the Group.
  • Group Type – Mailing List: legacy field not being used at the moment. Please leave it blank.
  • Parent Groups – Add Parent: add this new Smart Group to be under an existing Group to help organize your Group list (e.g. Dietary Restrictions > Vegan). The Group parent/child relationship can be filtered on new Advanced Searches and Reports.

Note: You can also see your Advanced Search criteria at the top.

11. After adding all the necessary information, select Save Smart Group

12. Your Smart Group will then be created! You can select Done to see the results of your new Smart Group.

Modifying & Deleting a Smart Group

1. Go to the Contacts Tab

2. Select Advanced Actions on the top right corner of the screen and then Manage Groups

3. On the Manage Groups page, you will see the following information:

a. Hover your cursor to be able to edit the Group Name.

b. Press on the “pencil icon” to edit the Group Description.

c. Smart Groups will be labelled (Smart Group)

d. See a list of all Contacts in the Group.

e. Change the Group Settings. You will also be able to remove the Parent Groups associated with the Group.

f. Press on the “3 vertical dots icon'” to either Delete or Disable the Group.

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