What level of security does CanadaHelps offer?

CanadaHelps complies with the highest-level Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and has thorough security standards to protect our systems and donor personal information against unauthorized access and use. This includes the security protections required by PCI compliance as well as specific procedures to keep donation information secure, private and in Canada. CanadaHelps is currently PCI 3.2 compliant, and takes the necessary steps to stay up to date with the current levels of compliance at all times. We have implemented Extended Validation Certificates so Canadians see the green in our website URLs and can rest assured that an external auditor has confirmed we have met the rigorous security standards required to obtain the Extended Validation Certificate Please contact us at info@canadahelps.org, if you wish to receive our current PCI DSS Certificate of Compliance.

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