What is a CanadaHelps Charity Account?

A CanadaHelps Charity Account is where a charity manages its relationship with CanadaHelps and how it uses the services and technologies we offer.

A charity doesn’t have to have a CanadaHelps account to benefit from the work we do: we accept and disburse donations for any charitable organization registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). That said, only with one of our two free charity account types, can a charity use our services and technology to full potential.

Donations is only a portion of what we do for thousands of charities across Canada. Only with one of our two types of free CanadaHelps Charity Accounts do you have the tools to make the most of understanding and connecting with donors through our site. For example, with a CanadaHelps Charity Account you can:

  • upgrade your charity profile on CanadaHelps
  • access complete donor information
  • manage your donations and disbursements

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