What fees does CanadaHelps charge?

When you donate using CanadaHelps, you receive a tax receipt for 100% of the value of your donation. The charity receives the amount of your donation less our processing fee.

CanadaHelps is a registered charity. Our mission is to increase charitable giving, and it’s critical to our mission that we pass along as much as possible out of every dollar we collect.

Just 1.8% of your donation ensures CanadaHelps can continue to provide charities with affordable access to online fundraising and educational tools.

Like all online transactions, online charitable gifts are subject to transaction processing fees from banks, credit card companies and/or supporting brokerage firm. To ensure our fee structure is as simple and transparent as possible, our fees include the payment processing costs.

These are the fees we collect on donations in order to keep CanadaHelps running:

One Time Donations 4.0%
Monthly Donations 3.5%
Securities Donations* 2.0 – 3.0%*

* 3% fee applies to donations less than $10,000; 2.5% fee applies to donations between $10,000-$49,999; 2.25% fee applies to donations between $50,000-$99,999; 2% fee applies to donations $100,000+

We do not charge charities to:

– Open or maintain a CanadaHelps account;
– Set-up electronic fund transfers for donations they receive;
– Customize and manage their charity profile and campaigns on CanadaHelps.org;
– Create custom-branded donation and fundraising pages;
– Access real-time donation reporting information;
– Benefit from the advocacy work we do in support of small to medium-sized charities.

And, we’re committed to keeping our educational tools for charities free or very affordable.

There is also no charge to open a CanadaHelps account for donors.

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