Sending Thank You Emails & Letters

After adding a single or multiple Contributions, you can easily thank the Contacts associated with the Contributions via email or by printing letters.

1. Go to the Contributions Tab

2. Search for a specific Contribution or select either:

  • (1) The specific Contributions associated with the Contacts you wish to thank,
  • (2) Every listed Contribution on the page, or
  • (3) All Contributions in your search criteria

3. Select the Actions menu at the upper-left side of the Contributions list

4. Scroll down the Actions menu and select Say Thanks – Print or Email

5. On the next page, you will see the following information:

Thank-you Letter Options:

  • Update thank-you dates for these contributions: updates when the Contact was thanked for the associated Contribution as the date of when you make this Thank-you Letter.
  • Group contributions by: when printing PDFs, Contributions will be grouped by your selected option.
  • Separator (grouped contributions): we recommended keeping the default selection for this field.
  • Print and email options: select the way you want to thank your Contacts.

Email Options:

  • From Email Address: which email address is used to send this Thank-you Letter. You can add new email addresses by going to Administer > Communications > From Email Addresses.
  • Use Template: select an already created Template or create a new one by selecting Save As New Template at the bottom of the page or by going to Administer > Communications > Message Templates.
  • Activity Subject: the subject of the email and the Activity associated with the Contacts after making the Thank-you Letter.
  • Campaign Group: legacy field not in use add the moment. Please ignore it.

Page Format: Default PDF format:

  • Format the PDF dimensions for printing and/or download.

Document Body:

  • Compose your email using this standard formatting tool that uses rich-text (e.g. bold, italics, etc.).
  • Tokens: also known as Merge Tags, Tokens can be used to automatically include information from a Contact in emails (e.g. “Dear {Contact First Name})

Saving Options:

  • Save As New Template: save the created contents of this Single Email as a new Template.
  • Document Type: choose the best document format for printing and/or download.

6. Fill out all mandatory fields and compose your Thank-you Letter.

7. You can use an existing Template or save the contents of your newly composed email/letter by selecting Save As New Template

8. Select Update thank-you dates for these contributions if you want to update the date the associated Contacts were Thanked.

9. After all the necessary information is added, select Make Thank-you Letters at the bottom of the page to print your letters and/or send emails to the associated Contacts.

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