Page Visuals

1. Upload a Page Header image to display across the top of your campaign page,  in automated campaign emails, and across the top of the campaign sign-up page.  

NOTE: If you don’t select a  page header, your charity’s logo will display instead. 

TIP: Image must be at least 1920 x 701px, but no larger than 5000px x 5000px. Supported formats include JPG, PNG and GIF. View the image guidelines.


2. Choose a colour palette that matches your website and/or campaign branding.



3. Select from the images/videos you’ve previously uploaded into your Media Gallery tab and use them to add a media carousel of images and videos.

TIP: A media carousel can help tell the story of your campaign, encouraging potential participants to sign up and potential donors to give! For best results, add at least five items to your carousel.



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